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Sentire Design is an interior design studio in the greater Los Angeles area



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Designer kitchen remodel with custom cabinets, paint and millwork

Construction and Renovation

Every project begins with a vision.

Sometimes it is the renovation idea that leads to an expansion, or a complete redesign when the space is not fully exploited to reach its potential. 

From ground up, we dream alongside with you, and help you put your vision into drawings, specifications, and contract documents. We select materials, finishes, cabinetry, moldings, and fixtures. We speak the contractor’s language and understand the construction process. Standing by the entire construction project allows us to ensure the flow and the optimal usage of each space from the viewpoint of its end users, you. 

Construction and Renovation

Full-Service Interior Design

A house is not complete until it feels like home.

From paint colors to furniture layout, from window treatments to light fixtures, and all the way down to the accessories that dress up your space, we take care of everything that brings out the soul and potential of your place. Starting from inspiration images, we develop mood boards and drawings. You receive a curated selection of furnishings and accessories, a detailed budget analysis, and one-on-one design presentations. We are behind all orders and logistics, so you don’t have to. Installation and styling are the finishing touches of our full-service design, and the beginning of your journey in your newly found home.

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French Normandy inspired tranquil and cozy family room with custom designer furniture
Full Service Interior Design
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French Normandy master suite, bespoke bedding and window treatment, custom furniture

Interior Design Consultation

Many renovation projects begin with a consultation. Hourly-based in person or virtual consultations are great tools to address specific questions. How can I bring in more light, how can I arrange my furniture to maximize the space, what is the perfect paint color for this room? These are just some of the questions we are prepared to discuss.


Consultations start at $350, and include one hour one-on-one meeting during which you introduce us to your home and lay out your questions, and we walk the project with you addressing issues, discussing solutions and providing professional tips. At the end of our meeting, you will receive a written analysis of the consultation that you may refer to while shopping for furnishings, or talking to your painter.


Additional fees apply for technical drawings, measuring, and for specific furniture and accessories selections.

Interior Design Consultation
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